Name: Matthias Koehl

Style: Minimal Techno, Psychedelic Techno

Origin: Hamburg, Germany

Mission: DJ / Live-Act / Producer

Labels: Digital Diamonds Records, Envelope Records

Bratenschneider means ‚roast cutter‘ in German. Why should anybody choose an artistname like this, one  might ask. A justified question. Because of Hamburg sense of humor and due its deeper meaning; cutting hot techno tunes in a professional manner. His releases on Digital Diamonds and Envelope Records proove his culinary production skills. Like a kitchen boss he combines minimal with psychedelic spices to prepare some delicious food for the dancelfoor.

But it was quite an evolution to get the status of a chief cook… In the age of 14 Matthias began to mix Hip Hop. In 2003 he switched to Psytrance and is DJing since then under the actname ‚Mazen‘. A few years later he updated his stage performance to a live act (‚NeoDur‘), before he started touring as ´Bratenschenider´ in 2008. His main influences nowadays are Doublewave, Richie Hawtin, SQL, Markus Meinhardt, Julian Jewel.

Matthias has played at many events like Indian Spirit Festival, Fusion Festival, Psychedelic Circus, the famous Gemischtwaren events and several other parties in Germany. His latest EP was released at the famous Digital Diamonds Label and is for sure not the last dish in his menu: